Asturias is well known for its beautiful landscapes, its rich culture and its delicious gastronomy. In the middle of this Asturian paradise is San Tirso de Abres, a charming town that offers a wide variety of experiences for visitors, along with a wonderful natural environment. In addition, it has a wide and rich offer of delicious traditional dishes.

Located in the western area of Asturias, San Tirso de Abres has a privileged location next to the Eo River, which marks a natural border with Galicia. This river is famous for its beauty and its richness in flora and fauna, which makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers, who can enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing and kayaking, while diving in an incomparable natural environment.

In addition to its natural environment, San Tirso de Abres also has a rich cultural heritage: the chapel of San Juan with its plaza, the parish church of San Salvador, “O Pacio” -former house of the Counts of Altamira-, etc In addition, it is worth noting that San Tirso de Abres was an Exemplary Town in 2011.

Gastronomy near San Tirso de Abres

We cannot forget the exquisite gastronomy. Here, visitors can delight in traditional Asturian dishes prepared with the best local ingredients. There is a wide variety of restaurants in the area offering authentic culinary delights.

Amaido Restaurant:  our restaurant represents a perfect balance between tradition and comfort , offering our customers an authentic culinary experience in a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to our focus on regional cuisine and the use of fresh and local ingredients, we have become a gastronomic benchmark in the region. Delicious dishes, a cozy atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds the restaurant all year round await you. Reserve your table now!

El Risón Restaurant: Located on the banks of the Eo River in Castropol, it is a seafood restaurant located on the Castropol dock that has the charm of the fishing ports and its maritime atmosphere. It has a dining room and three terraces, one of them elevated, from which you can see the entire Eo estuary to its mouth into the sea. Don’t forget to try the oysters.

La Farrapa: is an emblematic site of San Tirso de Abres. This bar-shop stands out for its delicious and fresh beer, as well as various tapas in a very cozy family atmosphere.

El Solleiro Restaurant: Located in Taramundi, it bases its menu on traditional cuisine, and spices up the offering with the exclusive cider they produce.

Casa Barbeiro: Vegadeo hosts this restaurant based on the traditional cuisine of the area, where you can also enjoy the almost extinct “shop-bars”.

These are just some examples of the wide gastronomic offer that can be found in San Tirso de Abres and surrounding areas. All of them provide diners with an authentic culinary experience, highlighting Asturian flavors and traditions.

San Tirso de Abres is a charming place that combines an impressive natural environment with a rich cultural heritage and delicious gastronomy. Plan your visit to Amaido, in San Tirso de Abres, and discover everything this hidden gem in Asturias has to offer: nature, immersing yourself in the local culture, and enjoying traditional Asturian food. This picturesque Asturian town will not disappoint you. We are waiting for you!

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