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*Activities included in your reservation


Finca Amaido has orchards with fruit trees and greenhouses where agrotourism complex users, especially children and adults, can enjoy and learn about the agricultural sector during the summer season: harvesting vegetables, planting seeds, making cuttings, and many other activities depending on availability.

*Activities included in your reservation


We love animals, that’s why the Amaido complex has a large farm where every morning you can feed the animals. You will enjoy the chickens, see how the chicks are born, collect eggs, play with rabbits, geese and ducks. You can also feed the sheep, pigs and local goats from our region.

These activities are guided, where you will be explained about each animal’s peculiarities, and both children and adults will learn to love all animals and learn everything about the farm.

*Activities included in your reservation


Every year during high season, rural games are prepared once a month, where parents and children have fun playing traditional games. A great party where you will enjoy sack races, musical chairs, egg and spoon race, and many more games.

*Activities included in your reservation


An activity where we will make our own cider in season when the apples from our orchard are ready. We will learn about the different types of apples, participate in the cider-making process, with the apples from our apple orchard, pick chestnuts to end with a traditional Magüestu, where both children and adults will enjoy a well-deserved rest. Do you feel like it?

*Activities included in your reservation


In San Tirso de Abrés, corn husking workshops are offered in season, to learn how to husk (remove the leaves) and then store the corn cobs in the granary. Everything is used from the corn to make toys, mattress fillings… among many other interesting things. Don’t miss this trip to the past with us.


In the farm, guests can visit the organic vegetable gardens and learn about sustainable farming techniques and organic food production. They can also take part in the cider-making process and learn about the traditional method used in the region. For sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of options such as hiking, horseback riding, fishing in the Eo River, surfing, and sailing and diving classes. Additionally, guests can explore nearby towns, learn about the rich culture and traditions of the area, enjoy beautiful beaches, and sample local cuisine at nearby restaurants. Amaido Agroturismo provides a unique experience in nature and Asturian culture, perfect for those seeking an active rural getaway.


Visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches such as Frejulfe Beach, Barayo Beach, and Penarronda Beach, all with stunning natural beauty and impressive landscapes. For history lovers, Navia’s Historical Park is an excellent option, where they can visit the ruins of the Roman city of Navia and learn about the region’s history. In the nearby town of Castropol, visitors can explore the Marina Lucense, one of the best-preserved Roman villas in Spain. There are also plenty of picturesque villages to visit, such as San Tirso de Abres, Vegadeo, Taramundi, Santa Eulalia de Oscos, San Martín de Oscos, and Villanueva de Oscos, all with a rich cultural and landscape heritage where visitors can enjoy traditional architecture, local cuisine, and nature.