Camping Amaido is integrated into an agricultural operation, where you can disconnect from day to day with a unique experience.
Our best bet is for you to immerse yourself slowly, in tranquility, in ethnography, in the culture of country life, in traditional gastronomy without preservatives or rush…

The entire campsite is a green carpet of grass with native trees.
The complex consists of 83 spacious grass pitches well delimited by average hedges. height and with large space, which surround the bathroom building make its original circular design very functional.

The camping area is 300 m away. from the restaurant area, so tranquility and silence is one of its characteristics so you can enjoy a restful night’s rest

RATES 2024VAT included


CaravanMotorhomeIndividual TentFamily TentTent Cart Camper VanElectricityAdultChildren (3 to 16 years old)Car on plotMotorcycle on plotOutdoor ParkingPetsPilgrims

7,50€ / day10,50€/ day5,00€ / day7,50€ / day7,50€ / day8,50€ / day5,50€ / day7,00€ / day5,00€ / day4,50€ / day4,00€ / day2,00€ / day2,00€ / day2,50€ / day


Individual Offer      € 18.00 / day
1 adult, camping element** + 6 Amp Electrical Connection

Amaido Offer            €23.00 / day
2 adults, Camping Element** + 6 Amp Electrical Connection

Family I Offer           €27.00 / day
2 adults + 1 child. Camping element** + Electrical Connection 6 Amps

Family II Offer         €30.00 / day
2 adults + 2 children. Camping element** + Electrical Connection 6 Amps

Family III Offer        €35.00 / day
2 adults + 3 children. Camping element** + Electrical Connection 6 Amps

*HIGH SEASON:From June 24 to September 8, 2024 and Holy Week.

*LOW SEASON: Rest of days

**CAMPING ITEMS: Motorhome, tent, caravan, tent or camper van

*LOW SEASON OFFERS: Excess people or camping items will be increased at any of the rates chosen with the offer, with the prices indicated in the high season.


Camping key, webcamper and club camping cards are accepted during Easter and the months of July and August, you will enjoy the daily activities on the farm and you can opt for alternative activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, tourist routes… .