The Asturian West is a magical enclave full of charm, a hidden gem in the north of Spain that captivates everyone who visits it due to its spectacular natural beauty. Unique towns, quiet beaches, multiple activity and hiking options and a vibrant local culture. Keep reading, we invite you to discover all the wonders that the Asturian West offers you and that you can discover if you stay in Amaido.

Charming corners

The Asturian West is dotted with picturesque towns that seem straight out of a fairy tale. One of the most notable is Taramundi, known for its restored mills and the craftsmanship of its inhabitants, who make traditional knives and folding knives of exceptional quality. If you visit Taramundi you can immerse yourself in local history and crafts while exploring the cobblestone streets and enjoying the hospitality of its neighbors. In fact, Taramundi was the first town to implement rural tourism, becoming the cradle of this type of vacation leisure.

Just a step away is the Os Teixois ethnographic complex, which can be reached by taking the water route. It is a small village made up of several traditional stone houses and a valuable repertoire of “hydraulic devices”: mallet, mill, sharpening wheel, a tiny power plant…

Not far from Taramundi is As Veigas, a small town in the Oscos-Eo region that is characterized by traditional architecture of stone houses and slate roofs that integrate in an ideal way. with the natural environment. Its narrow cobblestone streets invite you to walk and explore every corner of this charming place. 

Another place that you cannot miss, and that is very close to the Amaido accommodations, is Castropol, located on the banks of the Eo River.

This town perfectly combines a valuable historical heritage with impressive natural beauty. Its old town preserves its medieval essence, with cobbled streets and houses with traditional architecture. In addition, from its port you can see views that will leave you speechless. And you can’t say goodbye to Castropol without tasting the delicious seafood from local restaurants! You will enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience.

Very close is Vegadeo, a charming destination in the heart of the council that stands out as the main service center in the beautiful Oscos-Eo Region. You cannot miss the fascinating Path of the 12 Bridges to enjoy the beauty of the town, while you can observe various works of art created by talented contemporary Asturian artists. Don’t forget to visit the Mazo de Meredo ethnographic complex, located in an exceptional natural environment that transports us to the ancestral traditions of water use. In Piatón you can take a walk through a picturesque and charming town where the impressive church and the historic Roman Bridge stand out.

Coastal paradise just a stone’s throw away

Western Asturias has an impressive coastline and dream beaches that invite you to enjoy moments of peace and tranquility. About half an hour from the Amaido accommodations is Tapia de Casariego Beach, with crystal-clear waters and a long strip of sand. It is one of the places in the region most loved by surfers. 

In addition to its beach and its waves, Tapia stands out for its beautiful fishing and sports port. We advise you to sit on one of the terraces of the bars and restaurants that populate the pier and contemplate, with the sound of the seagulls as background music, the picturesque image of the fleet of moored boats. 

Another beach destination that you cannot miss is Porcía Beach. With beautiful and imposing cliffs, it offers a landscape of absolute tranquility. Here you can relax and unwind while enjoying the serenity that this paradisiacal corner provides. 

Frejulfe Beach is a real spectacle. Large in size, it is bordered by a coastal path with a wooded area and dunes. A monument of natural beauty that you should not miss. 
Closer is Penarronda Beach, one of the last Asturian beaches before crossing into Galicia. It has been declared a Natural Monument due to its beauty, led by a large central rock. This beach is shared by two councils (Castropol and Tapia de Casariego) and is divided by the stream of the same name.

A feast for lovers of natural beauty

Are you crazy about hiking? The Asturian West is then a paradise for you, the area has a wide network of trails that take you through steep mountains, green valleys and lush forests.

One of the most popular routes is the fascinating Ruta de los Miradores del Río Navia, located in Boal, which offers impressive panoramic views. It passes through various semi-populated towns that are nestled between majestic mountains. Along this route, you can see a reservoir dedicated to the production of electrical energy, as well as some historic buildings associated with these facilities. Without a doubt, you will be amazed by the spectacular views that extend over the Navia River. 

A few kilometers from the Amaido accommodations you can also enjoy a unique experience in the Muniellos Natural Reserve. This place is one of the most important and best preserved forests in Europe, in addition to being the largest oak forest in Spain.

Go into this impressive place and immerse yourself in the heart of virgin nature, which is renewed every year with an amazing ability to adapt to the environment. Due to its exceptional state of conservation, and with the intention of maintaining it, visits to Muniellos are restricted to daily groups of twenty people, and must be reserved in advance at official website of the Government of the Principality of Asturias.

Historical heritage of Navia

In conclusion, the Asturian West is an essential destination for those looking to escape the crowds and discover hidden treasures. From the most picturesque towns to relaxing paradisiacal beaches, impressive trails and a rich historical heritage. This beautiful area of the Principality of Asturias has a special charm that captivates with its naturalness. Don’t wait any longer, discover the magic of the Asturian West.

An unforgettable experience awaits you!


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