The San tirso writer, Aurora Rivas, presented on April 22, at Amaido’s house, the novel ‘Change of Needles’.

This work is the continuation of his previous novel ‘Dead Road’, stories that are set in the Eo region and whose theme mentions the railway that linked the Galician towns of Villaodrid and Ribadeo, which today It is one of the hiking routes most in demand by tourists in our place.


Life continues its course in the Baja Tierra de Miranda. Pedro, Inés, Isabel… New characters emerge, others disappear. The Villaodrid mines close and the mining train languishes until it is dismantled. Mexico and Tampa will be new emigration destinations and the country is experiencing the greatest tragedy in its history: a bloody civil war that will dramatically influence the protagonists.
The Eo River continues, unmoved, its course towards its beautiful estuary. A traveler indifferent to human conflicts, he will continue to offer his wealth without questions, always generous despite having lost his beloved traveling companion: the Villaodrid-Ribadeo mining train, an essential character in “Dead Road” and “Change of Needles”.

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