As every year, fishermen come to our council to enjoy salmon fishing in the Asturian rivers. It is important to note that not all Asturian rivers allow dead salmon fishing; It is only allowed in the Eo, Esva, Narcea, Nalón, Sella, Deva and Cares rivers. 

Our Eo river has 15 reserves for salmon fishing, although 11 of them border Galicia, which means they are shared by both autonomous communities and four of them cross the Asturian territory through our council of San Tirso de Abres.< /p>

After an exciting morning fishing day, fishermen can go to our Amaido restaurant to eat a delicious Asturian menu with products from our garden and km 0.

This 2024 season, the authorized fishing period for dead salmon in Asturias began on Sunday, April 14, and will end on Monday, July 15.

The Campanu of Asturias

Although we have already talked about the “campanu” in other publications, we remember that it is the first salmon that is caught at the beginning of each season. Both its capture and its sale are a great attraction for both fishermen and buyers, who are usually restaurants in the area and reach very high prices in the auctions of the rivers where the modality of salmon fishing with death is allowed.

Our City Council of San Tirso de Abres, to give greater prominence to the heavier salmon caught in this council, has awarded since 1998 the “Golden Salmon” award, a gold clasp that is given to the fisherman who has taken the heaviest salmon of the season in the Eo River.

Campanu Asturias 2024

This year the ‘campanu’ of Asturias was given by the Narcea River, and it was an 8,210 kilogram salmon caught by fisherman Gonzalo Díaz Soto, a resident of Cangas del Narcea.

The specimen measuring 92 centimeters long was captured around 08:20 in the morning in the Puente Láneo preserve. Its capturewas with natural bait, and although the specimen was strong, it was able to capture it without major difficulties.

The Salas City Council will give the fishermen of the Campanu de Asturias and the Campanu del Narcea, with fishing equipment, and the Casa Ricardo de Cornellana Restaurant, with a menu for two people. In addition, the Campanu fisherman in Asturias will be given the sculpture ‘El Campanu’, created and donated by Manuel López Espiña.

Campanu river Eo 2024

Yesterday, May 22, 2024, the Campanu of the Eo River was captured in the Coto La Volta, in the Abraham well.

The lucky fisherman was Victorino García, better known as “el Girafo” from Cornellana and a lifelong fisherman of the Narceo River and the Eo River, and he was accompanied by his nephew José Antonio .  The specimen stung with natural bait and weighed 5,000 kilos.

From Amaido we congratulate you!!.